A Dazzling & Sophisticated Independent Travel Companion

A winsome brunette with curves in all the right places, Pippa Parlance has accompanied clients on all sorts of exciting journeys.


Whether you’re travelling to Dubai, Paris or dining out at home in London, Pippa loves exploring countries with her clients, providing excellent company throughout your trip.


Having somebody travelling with you helps to give you a sense of belonging, even if you’re travelling somewhere with a completely different culture. Few people enjoy that experienced of travelling solo in an unfamiliar city.


We’re ideal for anybody looking for quality British escort services, with Pippa and her friends providing unbeatable companionship and a beautiful woman on your arm.


She accompanies men and ladies along with couples and is a companion that adores all aspects of travelling.


As an independent travel companion, Pippa has been all over the UK and to many European cities, being happy to book her own transport with relevant travel expenses covered. She is based in both London and the Cotswolds, making her ideal for clients based locally in these areas.


Whatever you might be looking for in a British escort, don’t forget to find out more about Pippa and everything she has to offer.


Find out more about Pippa as an independent travel companion or simply get in touch for more information.

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