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Timeless curves and quips in all the right places.

I delight in providing elite companionship across the UK and by special request internationally with gentlemen, ladies and couples. 


You may have heard I am a softly spoken and highly educated British brunette beauty. I am in my mid twenties, slender with porcelain skin and hourglass all natural curves. 

My style bears a passing resemblance to Kate Middleton with a dose of Hepburn. And yes, I do that low key denim, sunglasses and boat shoes glamour happily too! This effortless elegance and girl next door appeal are a thin veil to the quest for hedonism. 

You are welcome to visit the Gallery to help form your opinion and perhaps discover why I am christened Pippa. Testimonials are also dotted around my website. 

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I enjoy a professional and rewarding career by day where I am mostly able to set my own schedule, so I offer companionship part-time on an outcall and travel basis to a small, refined group of clientele. I often plan months in advance, so enquirers and dates with the more notice the better.

Where are you based?

I frequent London but I am based in the Cotswolds, South West of England. 

How long have you been a private companion?

I have been reveling in these adventures as a private travel companion and providing girl friend experiences for almost three years. 

Why did you consider this profession?

One word: Burlesque. Then add bundles of passion. A desire for travel, financial recompense and independence certainly, but more than that, I wanted to connect, share and help create honest and incredible moments in a world where intimacy is too often fragile. I am also kink friendly and looking forward to expanding my repertoire with knowledgeable individuals.

When will you leave? 

I enjoy exploring sensuality and for me the fun in that is not limited to one place or one type of contact. When that stops and perhaps I feel educated and well traveled enough, I may decide to move on, but until then ... Oh! You meant the booking!? I will leave promptly at the end of the arranged time so you won't have to worry. 

Who do you like to meet, travel with and spend time with? 

 A lover of people, I like to meet anyone I can share my joie de vivre with, particularly if they have good taste in music and plenty of wit to spare. An open-mind and kindness is incredibly attractive and something we could all be practicing more each day I'm sure. Happy to practice together. Ultimately, anybody who has respect for these qualities is welcome in my little black book, along side my established and esteemed colleagues and friends

What would make you Blacklist* someone? 

The dreaded blacklist! What a dark turn this Q&A took. 

Simply anyone who refused to respect boundaries and/or knowingly tried to short change me or a colleague. 

*Blacklist/ˈblaklɪst/- A dark lonely miserable place of despair, pain and anguish; burial place of broken souls; guarded by Dementors on secondment to hell. Just don't go there. Ever. This place isn't even mentioned in 'Cards against Humanity'

Ok, sounds dangerous! Let's end on a positive note, tell me what you like...

Indeed! Oh my, that list is very long, I am diverse to say the least, I welcome that discussion when we see each other in person.  Until then, my Gallery features several passions and perhaps those experiences that are still waiting to be ascertained. I will update it and my wish list as I go. The things I crave most are knowledge, travel, languages, food, sex, not always in that order. I also have a penchant for handbags and shoes ! 

On that note...Au Revoir! 

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Luxury Travel Companion Global Muse Girlfriend Experience (GFE) Professional Paramour High Class Escort International Courtesan Curator of Kink Playmate Sex Worker Coquettish Convoy Independent Lover Human

I had a wonderful afternoon with Pippa. As soon as she walked into the bar with her long dark hair flowing I knew I would have a wonderful time. Not only is she truly naturally beautiful but she is such a wonderful person to be around I still think about the conversations we had. My only regret is I couldn’t keep her for longer. - R 


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