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 Abu Dhabi & Dubai 
 United Arab Emirates (UAE)

A dream come true

The United Arab Emirates has created a feast for the eyes, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where nature meets architecture and business meets pleasure. 

Flying into Dubai from Heathrow, I welcome the super scenic Persian sands and waters, yielding perfectly landscaped cities on the sea; all I can think of is what dreams can't come true here? 


Those sublime curves of the iconic Palms of Jumeirah and lake Jebel Ali are set in front of slick skylines, hubs of urban living, they form just two of the many record breaking sights and attractions within Dubai. From the depths of the desert dunes, spa and water parks to the sky high views there is something for any activity date.


Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, second most populated after Dubai, looks nestled but in tune with its many waterways for sports, botanical gardens, mangroves, and amphitheaters such as those featured at Umm Al Emarat Park. 


Truly stunning locations on the Gulf Coast with its sense of multiculturalism, deep values, and tolerance held alongside its modernity. I know there is far more to explore amongst this historic land, yet I'm content dipping my toe amongst the experiences on offer along this pristine, vibrant coastline. 

I want to sit in that balmy warmth in the Springtime and melt in the Summer, dipping into the spray of the private beaches and dream pools, soaking up the sun, planning a kayaking or water park adventure, if not a shopping trip or next meal at renowned restaurants. The temperatures along the 

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