About Bath

A perfect place for dating an elite courtesan. Bath is a beautiful city, situated in the sumptuous county of Somerset in the South of England. A stunning location of awe inspiring views, refined charm, independent arts and shops with hot pockets of Georgian architecture, Roman Spa's and modern culinery delights. It has a tempestuous history and is also known as the city built for pleasure. 

Settled in the valley of the River Avon, it is the largest city in Somerset. With its aspiring properties for centuries it has been both a retreat and home base for the scientists and creatives alike, and certainly sets the scene for an epic high class romance. Tourist, native or resident - there's always somewhere beautiful to explore and a story to immerse yourself in.


It is the only city in the UK to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Both Bath's heritage and its views are seductive and absolutely best shared in great company. If you are here, I hope you came ready for an adventure with your favoured independent escort because it has all the potential.  You can escape the daily rigours in any of the local boutique accomodation, and fill yourselves with delicious sights as well as beverages and food from the street stalls and cafes to the michelin starred restaurants.

Bath is cosmopolitan enough to feel like a slice of city life, but secluded and elegant enough for more exclusive and explorative encounters with your companion. Its history is steeped with royalty and high class affairs, and no doubt became part of the reason it is so entwined with great poets and writers who were housed here like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. 


With that in mind, there is no wonder why this city in the countryside has been setting the scene for many an era, for films, literature, political and romantic scandals, fiction and otherwise. What the walls and cobbles could say about living in the famous Bath Royal Crescent and Circus I continue to wonder, with mischief and lust in my mind. 


However, even with all this hotbed of gossip and temptation, Bath is renowned for being great to relax in too, with its famous Roman Baths and natural thermal spring Spas. If you want to get photogenic, there are also the Royal Victoria and Prior nature parks with landscape gardens, and plenty of historical pathways to wander down with villages nearby like Lacock and Stonehenge to visit. There are a wealth of seasonal events and places to visit in the vicinity of the City of Bath. If you like sports, Rugby forms part of the history of the locality too, with professional games being played at The Recreation Ground since 1894.


I adore visiting Bath and being party to romantic steamy escapades  (terrible pun sorry, not sorry) if you have a great plan but still seeking the perfect accomodation for us, let me know and I am happy to help with your selection. 

I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Pip XO

Travelling to Bath is relatively easy by train or car from the main areas of Bristol, Wiltshire, London, Oxford, Exeter, Cheltenham, The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Cardiff and Birmingham, The Midlands, with many of these areas being commutable within 2 hours.