...with an erotic twist!

You've just arrived at the best 'friend zone' you'll ever be in. Thank me later! There are so many fabulous UK & International companions out there. I like to engage on Twitter and Instagram as much as I can but it doesn't come close to the joys of meeting in person and there are so many I have yet to meet across the world! If you have someone in mind for a duo or moresome, please do drop me a line so we can consider the arrangement.  


It is a pleasure to introduce my beautiful friends if you haven't already met! The following are all independent paramours that I would gladly spend my time and passion with and I wholeheartedly invite you to do the same! 


Click on the pictures to discover the tantalising lowdown on my phenomenal friends and links to their delicious websites... 

Emily Cole

Meet Emily Cole. A classic beauty. With or without her Fur coat Emily delivers real passion and always First Class. The sweetest lips, kindest heart and warmest touch leaves me wanting more of her each and every time. One of my favourite playmates and not a lady to be missed in her own right! This perfect paramour covers London to the midlands and the rest of the South West for the finest shenanigans.

Lady Harriet Alderton

Golden blonde bombshell in pink silk and Louboutins. This stunning posh totty is available across Bristol, Gloucestershire and the best parts of the South West. Harriet should come with a warning! Hearts melt and blood pressure rises at her presence. It is always an absolute thrilling pleasure to be a partner in crime on a duo or moresome with this incredible sensual woman. Check her out now!

Sofia James

The epitome of beauty with hypnotizing golden brown eyes. Sofia will have you seduced at first glance. Don't let the white lace fool you into innocence, I have spent many ravishing hours with this phenomenal woman and I could spend forever more. Book this Goddess or remain lost to the sands of time. Sofia graces the Midlands and South West for the right occasions!


The fiery hot, super petite brunette bombshell you've been hankering for across the South West. Play time will never be the same once you've had a taste of this temptress! Perfect for duos and moresomes with the delectable and incredible Indie Collective crew.


Meet lovely Lottie, beautiful and witty. Lottie will have you feeling that joyful bliss, a perfect switch, she can have you pampered, enraptured and ravished within the girl friend experience. I love to duo with this gorgeous temptress, she is super sensual with a whole lot of naughty in the name of good kink. You can meet Lottie across the UK and abroad. For Duo requests please just enquire in the usual manner.

Mistress AJ

Welcome to Amanda Jones, aka Mistress AJ. A rebel with all the best kicks. AJ is all woman and raw candour. Play with AJ, and she will have you singing with every strum she makes! Ohh la la! If you like your GFE with a touch of domme or want full Mistress domination you've found your perfect lady! There is so much more to discover about AJ and I love her artful Instagram and witty Twitter space where she bares all! Her website has more to delve into! Enjoy!

Lauren Brook

A tantalizing Temptress, make that Empress! Her eyes shine bright, this lady holds love and strength in the palm of her hand and can take you to dizzy heights of pleasure, just at the mere thought of her. A firm favourite of mine, most beautiful curves to caress and lavish affection on. Team that with a gorgeous heart and you really do wonder if this angel fell from heaven, or her hotness is a predictor of all the naughtiness to come. Check out her website now! *Swooooon!*


Maddie is so fit she can give sports models a run for their money. This incredibly fine woman is a very fun playmate, with skin as sumptuous as caramel itself. Maddie looks divine at every angle but she is not for the faint hearted. If you love your courtesans powerful, sensual and utterly flawless, you've found her. Tip: If you are looking for some light Dominatrix fun Maddie teams brilliantly with the wonderful AJ. Maddie has the midlands in a rightful fever!

Shona River

Porn star and international luxury companion with 100 percent natural looks. Shona River is intelligent and down to earth making her perfect company for any occasion and especially duo's. To request a duo please email me or use the booking form on my 'Meet Me' page. Alternatively visit Shona's stunning website.

Charlotte Welsh Belle

Charlotte Harrington. Private companion, kinkster, seductress. Your very own blonde Welsh Belle. A down-to-earth beauty with a peaches and cream complexion and an hourglass figure of the sort that makes you weak at the knees. Refreshingly unique and utterly beguiling, she aspires to make you feel comfortable (and amazing!) in her company. To request a duo please email me or use the booking form on my 'Meet Me' page. Alternatively, visit Charlotte's marvelous website for more information.

Chrissie Gordon

Your Emerald Isle. Chrissie Gordon is the ultimate luxury, naturally curvy, Irish companion and your best London concierge. Chrissie like myself is always passport ready and a perfect duo playmate for our dates. To request a duo please email me or use the booking form on my 'Meet Me' page. Alternatively, visit Chrissie's sublime website for more information.

Annika Sofia

Annika Sofia is an elite Scandinavian companion that is based in Copenhagen and visits London regularly. Highly sensual, and perfect for a dinner date, Annika is also an excellent duo playmate. To request a duo please email me or use the booking form on my 'Meet Me' page. Alternatively, visit Annika's sumptuous website for more information.


Have you ever had to ask at an interview '...what would your friends say about you?' Well, the answers below might get you hot under the collar. If my friends were in the same room it maybe time to issue a new Global warming notice. Oops, sorry not sorry about that! ;) 

The gorgeous Pippa Parlance - oh how I love to duo, trio or more with her. This sublime lady is based in Cheltenham, but covers all over the UK for outcalls including London.

-Harriet Alderton


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