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A Couples Dream - Courtesy of a Courtesan

Each wonderful independent companion has their unique offering and take on how a provider and client can share time with each other. It's a chemistry set, and OH MY! how good does that feel when you get it right.

Few who have lived have lived without pain, few who have lived well have lived without pleasure.


Whilst many people are in a state of bliss with one on one time, courtesans can open entire networks of pleasure -likewise in terms of experiences, sensual and other, parts of ourselves other professional kinksters.

Possibly some of my most favourite times include dates with couples, and I'll talk about that more below.

Otherwise, dates with clients and other independent companions can be phenomenal! London, UK is a hot bed of choice but my goodness, the temptation and realisation of global sexual liberation is heaven sent -independent escorts are worldwide and I love that because embracing fantasy and new experiences shouldn't be limited to a few lines on a map!

At the time of writing I am due to see the beautiful Shona Rivers, a gorgeous porn star who is also a travelling independent companion. You might be thinking What !? A porn star and Pippa!? But what I see is two awesome sexually aware women wanting to provide joy for ourselves and others, within the parameters we design. We have our own styles but mutual pleasures and interests and deep respect. If that's not a recipe for great sexual chemistry and fun I don't know what is. Every pairing is unique and a chance to grow your sexual repertoire. It's also why I encourage, where I see willingness, encounters with others outside the 2 person dynamic, even if just a one off experience.

When you decide to add another element to that delightful paradigm there's no telling quite where you end up and what magic will come from it but I can certainly tell you the positives and points that have worked well from my own experiences as a British independent escort for dates with couples and others.

First of all, when I'm talking of adding professional playmates - elements to the chemistry set if you will, this isn't limited to duos. Maybe you are thinking of trios or moresomes ;) with all professionals, or as part of a couples intimate adventure? Perhaps you and a highly regarded acquaintance feel inclined to treat yourself to a double date on a night out? Perhaps you've done or are interested in swinging and adding a paid companion allows you to explore this side in a safe space and on your own time scale - and is a great way to increase boundary awareness with less emotional drawbacks - and more of the orgasmic rewards.

Whatever the reasons you've come to this sweet hot spot it's adding something extra to your sex life and those all important memories.

I've found an ability to have great discussions with clients and suitors, that help answer what we need to know in the moment but add questions for later to develop that sexual energy.

Providing a safe space for people to come together whether as couples or as independent elite courtesans, isn't about knowing all eventualities but is about being willing to participate, have fun in that exploration as an equal adventurer, whilst being open to and respecting boundaries.

Trying something new? Ready to engage in a magnificent threesome with your beloved? Smile, breathe deep, be kind. Keep checking in by in the way you've agreed to. You can get kinkier as you go along if you wish. Relish in the moment.

Dynamics are important! Think carefully whether you'd like to introduce a courtesan to your couple as opposed to a professional mistress for instance! If you're about to start brand spanking new in your journey and you've never entered kink or entertained BDSM for instance, in my point of view - getting a professional is the right way to go but get to know who you're asking to get into bed with as much as possible first via their professional mediums like websites, social media etc. I don't think it's fair if someone comes along and pulls out a whip and gimp mask and another person faints because a lack of research and/or poor communication of desires ... It hasn't happened to me in a couple setting, but in my experience the most successful trysts are ones where both partners understand who is coming to their hotel / bed room door, they are fairly clued up about or open to their desires even if they aren't sure quite how they will unfold in your presence. The best remedy for that is ... talk about it, laugh about, ask your escort of the evening a question and they can do the same for you. So long fear and hello passionate kisses...!!

If you haven't realised by now, I am definitely pan sexual, a lover of people. Not everyone identifies the same when you are in your exquisite sexual encounters and that's ok, go with the flow if you are intrigued and ALWAYS respect boundaries, including yours. If something doesn't feel right, breathe and take a step back, there's plenty more things to do or go back to that feel GREAT! Kissing a girl/guy and liking it ...? doesn't make you instantly bi sexual or hetero or any other label, but it can be fun to try and as long as you're kind to others and yourself in these moments you can establish your own boundaries, likes and perhaps even 'once was enough' categories.

Do you have a focus? Is it about the social? The touch? What an extra pair of hands and/or lips can do where one can't. The psychology of sharing and the joy of being or seeing it all come together with another woman? That high class London escort fantasy feeling? Pure sex and an intrigue off the explore list? I'm game for all of it if you are!

The majority of invitations I receive are from women, and please note I always require to speak to the lady when it comes to establishing hetero couple threesomes. Men can be incredibly in tune and sensitive when it comes to sexual liaisons but I want to know that first and foremost I'm not a 'surprise' to either party and naturally I want to know how much and whom is in the participating driving seat. Your fantasies can be wild and beautiful but I'll be dropping in some boundary checks with you first whether it's voyeurism you seek, or equal parties of pleasure, or perfectly tailored. Knowing these details can increase comfort on both sides and let the date flourish naturally on arrival.

In the art of discretion and being able to feel relaxed, space is an important factor but one which once picked you can move onto putting the fantasies into motion. Some things are most enjoyable in the right context, so take the time to set the scene, find a place you feel open and comfortable with for you and guest(s). Sometimes that place is your home, or maybe a county over or your weekend escape place? Oxford, Cornwall or Scotland anyone?

This is where threesomes+ can really deviate from your standard two people encounter, you need to have the room to move freely in, there can be a lot going on! Angles, massages, toys, outfits, sexy dances and if you're into that side of things... contraptions ;) . I suggest picking somewhere neutral too, at least for the first time, like a hotel suite, that way IF on the rare chance something isn't working, you all have a place you can walk freely from. Refreshments of water as a minimum are a must. Alcohol is optional. I've always quite liked a few bottles of water as standard available, then some nibbles like a bowl of fresh fruit and roasted nuts to hand, depending on preference. If you've watched my eyes light up over a box of vegan chocolates ... you know that's a sure fire win for me too! Ever ran a cold juicy bitten strawberry down the curves of a companion and then kissing and licking every little trace of it off? Yummmm.....!!!!! A nice intro to ones glowing skin.

Check in with your preferred companion but I myself require sustenance and some social getting to know you time which is why my minimum meeting time is usually 2 hrs. Anything above 4 hours and I'll expect something more substantial than nibbles - be ready for room service or a decent meal out :D plus I want you to relax and understand the joy of breaks as much as the reward of buildups. Food is my porn. I have a high metabolism along with my wicked sex drive!

As a follow on from this health bite, don't be afraid to be 'imperfect' ... sometimes I feel like companions seem like doctors and nurses to others and it makes people feel shy around them. Bodies are awesome and totally unique, so are personalities so let that shine through, unsure about anything? Most topics are put to rest with confidence after a brief chat so you can get on with enjoying the good stuff. Sometimes the most perfect moments are in the imperfect ones, I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you haven't at least once risked concussion, life or limb attempting or during sex ... are you even having great sex? What I mean by this is - those funny times when you might try a new or more complex position and cramp sets in, or one of you falls, your foot slips ... a sexy head butt or teeth clash? Check you're ok and then let it pass, the good stuff is present.

Let those great times wash over you like warm soapy water in a shower or the blissful clear sea rushing round your skin, making you tingle from head to toe, enveloping you in the moments of bliss that are in the grasps of your fingertips and sexual imagination.

As a final note to this piece of the puzzle, I always feel extremely honoured to be welcomed into an established erotic relationship, I love pleasure, giving and receiving, a true hedonist and I believe in great respectful and fun sex, that's always what I aim to deliver. Thank you to all those who I have met, continue to see on this journey and those I've yet too meet, for all the good times behind and ahead!

Love Pip,



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