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Part 2: A Christmas Bedtime Story.

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The Unexpected Guest.

I walked towards Santa, placing myself down gently on his lap, the candlelight lapped at the edges of his beard and shirt as I began to trace my hand along the open deep V at his broad chest. I wanted to take my time getting to know him, soaking in this moment.

After all, this seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

He gripped my thighs and pulled me closer, firmly, gently, the closer I became the more the whole world outside began to fade away. I kissed him. I wanted his shirt off. Like magic his entire shirt fell into my hands.

My hand guided his to the strap of my silk camisole, I wanted him to take it off. No magic this time, just physical connection. His hands were warm, adept and strong as he lifted the sensual material from my body, over my outstretched arms above my head. For that split moment it felt like I had been blindfolded as he could drink in the view of my naked top half.

I held his gaze as I succumbed to anticipation and then a tingle as my soft brunette waves fell back to my shoulders and just covered my bare breasts. He kissed me deeply as his hands pulled me in at my back, closer, deeper. He released, and I lightly jumped off his lap, beckoning him to stand. His belt was heavy, thick clean black leather, that gave that satisfying snap as I withdrew it from his trousers. The thick red velvet and buttons worked cooperatively with my fingers and fell to the floor, revealing a great set of legs!

Someone never missed leg day! I’d like to say I saw a little rosy rush to his cheeks, almost as if he blushed. I smiled and bit my lip.

When Santa drove his sleigh tonight, he drove it commando. I don’t think this magical being felt the cold like we did.

Now I knew this was going to be a night to remember, one that I could never talk about, so I released my inhibitions and let hedonism reign.

I jumped on Santa as he held me up and my thighs wrapped around his waist. It was just my silk shorts left between me and him. My mouth found his neck and he brushed my hair back with one hand, allowing my bare breasts to crush against his naked chest. His other hand cupped my bottom, just at the edge of the silk and I could feel the warm firm pressure build against the gusset of the shorts. I writhed a little, playfully. I knew exactly which buttons I was pressing. But so did he.

Santa took me to the floor, that blessed sheep skin rug. His lips and beard working all the way down my body, I could never quite guess where his lips, tongue or fingers would touch my torso next, his body had blocked some of the fire light, half of me was plunged into this frenzied half glow and shade that wanted him on me, to continue this warmth and intimacy. My hands reached for him, hands on his cheekbone and jawline, a deep kiss lips to lips. I pulled myself up, seated to kneeling, very closely, my hands traced down before gently to firmly I cupped him, feeling his soft skin fill my warm dexterous hands. As he knelt opposite me, I moved myself to his left thigh, straddling him. As I stroked him tenderly, to hardness using both hands, my hips began to adjust minutely, back and forth, my soft flesh between my legs dampening the only thing between us.

His left arm wrapped around me helping me move with more urgency on his thigh and my hands simultaneously on his cock and balls. His right hand moved up my spine, a tingle rushed through me again, as his hand found the back of neck and crook of my head as he pulled me closer, my long flowing hair nestled with his beard and I looked up to watch his face, eyes closed as I could hear him groan low with pleasure.

I began to press my body even closer into his, kissing his neck, tracing his jawline and ear lobe with gentle strokes of my lips, a little tongue, a gentle reaffirming tender bite.

You’re mine Santa. I am his.

Our pace of breath quickened and our eyes locked. We both stopped abruptly, in-tune and let go of each other. We weren’t afraid. This was carnal. We were changing positions.

Santa said ‘Pippa, I want you to get on all fours in front of me.’

The trust was there and with the softness of the rug beneath my feet, knees and hands I obliged with ease. My shorts were still on and I kept my hips and knees just less than shoulder width apart.

His hands grabbed my buttocks, slipping just under the edges of the shorts, his fingertips holding on, sliding in and round like he was gently but firmly squeezing a pillow and getting closer to the centre as he pulled assertively, upright. He released. I gasped just a little.

‘Beautiful Pippa’

He reached over to his jacket now hanging off the chair, and picked out a small vial from an inside pocket. I was momentarily mesmorised, the glass bottle looked like it had captured rainbows inside it but on second glance the contents seemed more opaque, oil like on further inspection.

‘How would you feel about a massage?’

‘I would be happy to receive and give Santa’

He emptied the vial onto his hands, pushing the oil adeptly into his palms, the crevices, enrobing his fingers with this magic liquid, almost like a surgeon scrubbing up.

A small breeze had entered from the window overlooking the fields, it put the candles into a mini frenzy and my skin prickled lightly, my breasts hung from body, bare, nipples alert, hardened again from the chill.

Santa bent over me but barely touching me until he clasped his hands around both my breasts as I balanced on all fours, wow, I felt exposed but safe, captured but free. The oil and his hands massaged deftly. I could feel his finger tips kneading me, moving expertly, tenderly at the flushed pink areola before pulling at the very tip, pressing my nipples between the base of his fore finger and thumb, holding and releasing , over and over again. The oil was doing something, warming tingling sensations, hardening me as I became almost sore with pleasure. Santa released his hands from my breasts and I took the moment to catch my breath. If I wasn’t before, in between my legs was pulsating.

As if to guide the direct link between my mind and body, Santa grasped my hips, pulled me towards him, I could feel him against the silk, throbbing. He released his grip but used his hands to move my brunette locks from my back and off down my shoulders. The sensation was electrifying as he began to trace his finger tips along my spine, stroking round my rib cage, back to the middle and down again and again until his thumbs maneuvered to putting pressure on my dimples of Venus, the rest of his hands gripping my hips. Quiet power. I had a deep guttural wave of pleasure aching to be explored and released.

Santa shifted his weight, I was exposed again to the mix of night air and crackling sparks from the fireplace.

He put his mouth by my ear, whispering kindly ‘Take off your shorts Pippa.’

I edged my shorts down one side at a time so they dropped to my knees, stretching out each leg behind me and then shuffling forward minutely to release them completely. My knees blanched but I felt no pain, just some heat through my palms and the buzz of sexual excitement about to roar.

This time Santa was in front of me.

He held my head in his hands tenderly, kissing my face, my cheeks, my nose for the briefest of moments before kneeling upright, stroking my hair, moving it from my face to behind my ears. Santa was standing fully to attention where it counted. I looked up just seconds before my mouth salivated, my lips, my tongue, the inside of my warm soft cheeks enveloped him lavishly, dripping down around his hard dick and soft clean balls. He moaned as he gently urged his hips forward and back. He pulled away, I looked up again, a little lost in the moment. I could feel the wetness and throbbing between my legs, he leaned over me, my mouth took him again but this time his hand brushed down my spine and slid between my buttocks and began massaging my wet pussy as I sucked him deeper and harder. Playing tricks with my tongue as he motivated me with his fingers. He pulled out, as he brought me to climax with his hand, my thighs tensed and my body shuddered as I let out a moan of pleasure and deep satisfied sigh.

Oh my Santa!

Oh my!

We smiled at each other, I let my body fall as he captured me in his arms and pulled me to his body, my back against his fine stomach, my legs in a V shape within his, we sat on the floor, allowing me to recuperate for a few minutes as he stroked my body. The fire danced in my eyes, my hands slid to his wrapping around them, I swiveled around, facing him.

‘Take me Santa.’

You should know that Santa has custom made condoms. Latex free, with tens of mini glittery candy canes printed on them! Sweet!!

I leaped on top of him, straddling him, both of us sitting facing each other, super close and I began to move, that first instance where Santa entered me as I lowered myself onto him, I gasped, my arms wrapped around his shoulders, hands clasped on the back of his neck, his around my hips.

Deeper and deeper I slid down, so deep. I moved faster as he did too, hips rocking rhythmically, breathing in deep, then fast and more shallow, the friction was allowing the oil to simultaneously sink in further and releasing what can only be described as all my favourite scents, shifting as our bodies moved together. One minute Vanilla and Plum Edinburgh Gin, the next Chai Latte with Coconut milk, Bergamot, Fresh cut grass, Peonies, Amber Oud, the sea salted air after a coastal storm, delicious, wet, fresh, divine, heady and clean, dark and light all at the same time.

My clit rubbed against him, wetness surrounded us, he thrusted again and again until I held back a little near the top, as he pulled out that extra inch I held myself aloft for the briefest of seconds, I clenched my pelvic floor and slid all the way down hard, sweat emanating from us, both shuddering, releasing what was left and ‘F*#k!’ escaping our lips with a last exasperated breath as we both climaxed.

We fell backwards to the floor together, me laying on top of him, he was still inside of me, we breathed, he stroked my hair from my face, and down my back softly, almost barely moving, my hand stroked his arm, in that moment of silence I realised how thirsty I was.

The champagne cork popped and we heard the fizz reach the top of the bottle, which appeared to be sitting in an ice bucket. There was a plate of fresh cut strawberries, mince pies and three still natural mineral glass water bottles stood ready nearby too.

‘Aaah wonderful! Will you serve the refreshments please Santa whilst I go run us the bath?’

‘Gladly Pippa. This isn’t the last opening of gifts tonight, I just want you to know. There’ll be another guest arriving in an hour, a friend of yours. ’

I stood up and walked naked to the doorway, smiling all the way before turning round and looking Santa in the eyes. ‘Santa, thank you for coming tonight and I am glad you know the perfect presents to bring with you!’

Part 3 …. Coming soon! Who will the second guest be!?

Wishing you all lots of Season's greetings and hugs!

Pip XO


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