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Part 3: A Christmas Bedtime Story

Santa did not disappoint.

As I lay in the warm milky bath Santa handed me my glass of champagne, the drops of condensation trickled onto my right breast, alerting my nipples to the contrast of the hot and cold. Santa leaned in close enough to kiss me, but with one twist, his tongue traced down my neck, then following the line of water he took my nipple in his mouth sucking gently and using his tongue to tease me as his hand plunged in the water…

Knock, Knock.

We stopped. A knowing smile of ‘to be continued’…

Santa went to answer the door in my silk robe. He looked very dashing in it! I hope our guests weren’t too shocked.

I lifted myself out the bath, the sensual and aromatic oils and bath milk dripping down my naked curves.

‘Let us help you with that…’

In walked two stunningly beautifully women, the blonde divinity Lottie Parker and the raven haired goddess Sofia James.

Breath taking!

I mentally praised Santa for heavenly gifts.

Both women patted me down with white fluffy towels, that really sumptuous soft and deep kind, working my way up my legs, around my torso, a trace of finger tips in the most delicate of places, just before giving me a fantastic and thrilling 'Hello' kiss.

I was excited! It had been too long since I had seen these very fun beauties. But where was Santa? I led them both to the hallway, where I could see the flicker of candlelight emanating from the bedroom and followed.

Good thinking Santa!

We each took a glass of champagne as we entered the room, giggling, smiling, taking in the atmosphere of pure desire and sexual inhibition. The air itself was tantalizing.

Toys, condoms, lube and silk ties lay on the bed side.

The four of us sat on the bed, I was closest to Lottie. As I smiled at her, my hand touched the hem of the split in her black fitted dress.

‘Gorgeous!’ I whispered.

‘Wait until you see what’s underneath.’ Lottie replied with a wink.

I gave in, I moved a wisp of her blonde locks from her eyebrow and kissed her passionately on the lips and down her beautiful bare neck. My hands were free to undo the back of her dress. My towel fell to the floor as we moved back onto the softness of the bed.

We looked over and we realised we had a little audience of our own, but not for long as Sofia and Santa began to get lost in the moment too.

I traced my lips down the inside of her bare thigh, moving my way up, I stroked her with the tip of my fingers, down her neat patch of hair, my tongue was aching to take over where my fingers had just left, I took one glimpse up, she was smiling at me and nodded as if to say 'begin'.

I relished it, every lick, touch, flick of my tongue and her taste, as her lips began to swell and open, my lips became soaked in the process, I danced around her clitoris, stroking both sides with my fingers, whilst I very gently applied pressure with my tongue, down across her clit to her magnificent flesh and my tongue teasing her inside, I could feel her writhe playfully, moaning, giggling, gasping as I lapped her sweet soft skin and then as I could feel her twitch I swapped my tongue back to her clit, I looked up again, tentatively as I placed one finger on her inner lips, showing her what I was about to do.

'Yes' she whispered excitedly.

My two fingers slipped in and I began to feel her flutter around my fingers, wet and wetter as my tongue went to work across her sweet clit, up, down, gently firmly rhythmically, her back was arching and she continued to gasp as our breaths quickened, wet, so wet around me and as I used my tongue to match the tempo whilst my fingers plunged in and out, swiftly, lightly yet deep, I felt the final clinch, as she shuddered, her juices exhausted on my mouth, 'I... I'm coming' as she climaxed around my fingers as I stayed still before gently withdrawing. Lottie lay back, her beautiful flowing blonde hair, lay across her chest and she took her hand from her mouth to reveal a most wonderful satisfying smile.

Lottie and I bit our lips and moved closer to the hot affair in front of us.

Sofia was taking care of Santa, or perhaps it was the other way round. I could hear her gentle moans and gasps as we watched, momentarily voyeuristic. Santa’s mouth lavished her beautiful and voluptuous breasts, his hands pulled her in eagerly by the arch of her back, moving one hand down and delightfully squeezing her firm round buttock.


As Santa went down on Sofia, Lottie and I continued to stroke, lick and play with Sofia’s breasts, kissing her lips and back down her torso, as Santa’s tongue thrived in between her legs.

Santa paused for breath, a beaming wet smile and evident hard on.

The three of us beckoned him to lay back on the centre of the bed, his ampleness erect in front of us.

We gathered towards him, one by one we took him in our mouths, then two at the same time using our tongues and hands to lick suck, kiss and massage his balls and dick, for extra measure we traced a vibrating toy along the underside of his sack, down and gently touching in between his cheeks, the vibrations went like a wave through him to us.

Making sure we were entertaining all areas as the other muse sat riding his face, almost fully overloaded until Sofia sat on his hard sheathed cock and rode him, almost to climax.

We began to change positions, drenched in sweat and sex, Santa stood at the side of the bed, taking Lottie in his arms, he pulled her gently towards him and whispered to bend over on the bed,

‘What a beautiful bottom…!’ he exclaimed and gave her a light spank.

‘Have you been good Lottie?’ I asked.

‘No, I have been very very naughty.’ She replied.

‘Correct.’ Santa said and spanked her again, thrice a little harder each time, and each time Lottie responded in delight.

Sofia held Lottie’s face in front of hers and kissed her lightly, as I positioned myself underneath Lottie in the all fours position, my hands began to massage her breasts with massage oil.

Santa rolled down a new condom. Lottie then bent her sweet lips to between my legs, licking straight across my swollen clit and we both moaned deeply as Santa entered Lottie from behind.

I could see everything in glorious high definition.

He plunged in and out, slowly at first, teasing, building up as Lottie and Sofia alternated between kissing each other and between my legs. I was wet as I watched how Santa moved inside, deeper into Lottie making her moan with pleasure, I could see her wetness and it wasn’t long before I was moaning too as Sofia had parted my legs and I gladly let her tongue, fingers and lips go to work on mine.

This was so fucking hot! My clit was pulsing, inside I was fluttering, I was struggling to not let my thighs shake but by now we were all naked, writhing in pleasure and lube, and wetness, moaning with backs arching, every sense heightened and vibrating in unison, touch, taste, smell, sight and sound embraced.

Santa was teasing his pace in, out, in, out of Lottie, as Lottie moved to the fantastic rhythm helping to take him deeper into her heavenly body as he reached one hand down to rub her clit and one spanking her cheek intermittently. The last gentle but firm slap echoed and Lottie succumbed and shuddered in her climax above me as Santa thrusted hard at the last moment, before pulling out. Lottie in front of him, laid back, breathing heavily as she recovered.

Sofia had switched a clitoral vibrator on me and I had one on her as we laid next to each other. I burst out with pleasure, sighing, breathing more heavily as momentum built and she slipped the vibrator fully inside me. I was so wet and desperate to come again, the vibrations intensified , my breath quickened and pulse raced.

We laid in tantamount, all our clits were rubbed by the toys, licked and stroked by our fingers and tasted by our tongues, he had entered every one of us tonight passionately, now we lay naked, happy and enthralled.

Santa kissed me deeply, passionately before slipping his hard erect cock one last time in my mouth and I orgasmed right there and then! The vibrator slipped out of me with the pressure of my climax, and we all returned to focus on Sofia’s pleasure.

I took Santa’s hard cock in my hand, masturbating him as Sofia moved her fingers to pleasure herself with the toy in front of us.

With one more look at Sofia and the toy buzzing on her wet pussy Santa groaned ...

‘I can’t hold back any longer!’

He leaned forward and exploded with pleasure across our breasts and torso, and Sofia moaned and gloriously orgasmed at the same time.

All four of us were collapsed happily exhausted on the bed, catching our breath and sipping whatever was available from the water and champagne nearby.

After 15 minutes of sheer recovery after the tidal wave of pleasure, we begin to stir again, cleaning ourselves up, chatting and laughing about everything and nothing. We were riding a high.

Santa had one last surprise for us, so when we were all back in robes Santa led us to the top most part of the cottage and asked us to look up at the skyline where stairs appeared.

'Come' he said.

The irony wasn’t lost on me.

Mist wafted across the window-now-come-doorway, and the stars lit the way in the haze.

Lottie, Sofia and I followed him and were stunned to see a brimming hot tub, a selection of fruits and naughty nibbles and cheese, with champagne and orange juice on the side. He assured us there was no prying eyes in any direction and if any were to gaze upon us, they would simply see a gathering of low cloud in the dark winter night sky.

Bliss, naked, together, warm, wonderfully exhausted, we lay back relaxing in the bubbles.

Shortly we began to hear tinkling, like the sound of lights and bells mixed into one. I realised it must have been 5 minutes past midnight.

Santa looked across at all of us, thanking us for an incredible evening.

‘I hope we can make this work again sometime but for now the elves are approaching and I must leave. When you are each ready to go home repeat 'Santa's coming' three times, and you shall be transported safely and soundly back to your bed, warm, clean and dry.’

He kissed each one of us goodnight, before he glowed and with a small glittering sound, vanished!

As if from the dark clouds above, I heard a final note...‘Pippa, sorry dear but you can't keep the hot tub.’

We finished our glasses and nibbles and it was time to go home ready for Christmas. We all repeated his words, and just as Santa had said, we sunk into our beds, clean and warm, in addition to naked, delighted and with a sexy story we could share with no one else.

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