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Updated: Apr 4, 2021


I am an ambassador of not just good sex but great sex

...and that is why I am an ambassador for Bijoux Indiscrets!

Naturally as an elite courtesan and independent escort specialising in the Girl Friend Experience (GFE)

I am an advocate of intimacy as much as 100% wild, inclusive and discreet encounters.

As a Switch I'm in awe of time honoured bonds and bondage.

I am a mistress, your professional paramour and I believe in the slow, deep, trusting kind of sex as well as the fast and the playful and strong sex that brings together ultimate sensuality and pleasure for all participants .

It's an entire realm to explore and we all deserve to participate and feel acceptance in our sexual desires with trusted partners and within ourselves, safely and passionately.

So are you ready to join in?

It's time to treat you and your date whether on a virtual playing field or meeting in person.

It's not all about the toys and the balms, but done the right way it can certainly add to the already hot chemistry and have your time together glide most smoothly.

Some of the best sensual and playful items I have found are at Bijoux Indiscrets. *

For 20% discount follow the link Bijoux Indiscrets then use the code at the check out: BB20PPS

(expires 16/02/21 or email me for the latest code)

One of my favourite experiences are massages, and when I am out of a spa setting it's quite fun to up the physical sensations, I love indulging in the cooling body oils and warming massage candles, and when it comes to oral and nipple play adding some melting ice to the lip balms and strips can help take your time to the next level.

If you are feeling bold the clit stimulators, teasing anal toys along with the pleasure gels and vegan leather body harnesses - see the Maze Collection, can take yours and their orgasms in a whole new direction.

I have found BI toys and oils incredible, vegan, eco-friendly and delicious additions for safe and sensual foreplay, light bondage fun and the full service experience, especially with the Slow Sex Collection.

I delight in receiving BI gifts and if you wish to leave the choice to me on what to bring to our next rendezvous, you are welcome to surprise me with a digital BI gift card.

Send to:

Notes for those seeking pleasure with companions: Always gain fully informed consent from all participants. Check which products are condom friendly! Have safe words in place and if you are exploring new territory always discuss your hard boundaries first to guide your path to pleasure.

As always, stay safe and have fun!

Pip XO

*I receive a small commission when you purchase items via this link. Duty/Taxes may be applicable - always check with your locality.


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