Searching For A High Class Companion And Escort?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a lonely time for many people and it’s never been more tricky to meet somebody. If you’re looking for a classy companion in 2021, don’t forget to check out Pippa Parlance.


A high-class companion with curves in all the right places, Pippa loves brightening up the lives of her clients. Softly spoken and well educated, she could be your dream escort for everything from dining out to travelling abroad. She’s accompanied her clients all over the world, with travel one of her specialities.


Bearing a passing resemblance to Kate Middleton with a twist of Audrey Hepburn, she’s ideal for clients looking for a classy and gorgeous woman with first-class conversational skills. Like Marilyn Monroe, she has that classic hourglass figure.


Her services include virtual packages which are ideal during lockdown. Sensual, caring and mind-blowingly beautiful, this is a high class companion for all occasions.


Whether Pippa is unavailable or you’re looking for something different from an escort, we can also connect you with other high-class companions.


If you’re looking for a friend with a twist, we can also connect you with other high-class companions in our Friend Zone. Pippa has many beautiful friends who would love to connect with you.


When searching for a high-class companion and escort, find out more about Pippa and everything she has to offer.

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