Virtual Services

Travel and in-person meetings aren't always possible or may be delayed but it doesn't mean you need to miss out on all the fun.

I offer bespoke virtual packages to keep our adventures going no matter where you may be.


By providing virtual options I am relishing in bringing the independent elite companion, international courtesan and mistress experience to you through your screen. I offer:

  • Private Photo Packages

  • Girl Friend Experience (GFE) Call Service

  • Kink Friendly Chat Service

  • Custom Videos

Want to know a little more detail and get closer to the independent London elite courtesan you've been missing? Read on.


As part of my virtual services, I offer quality custom picture and video messaging in a selfies and candid style. I really want to explore your desires with you and create them for you to enjoy viewing every time!


They are super personal creations and each picture, video or combined package comes with a free 30 minute chat which can be scheduled at your discretion.


I specialise in building fun, intimate and often long standing relationships so I offer to spread the delivery of virtual packages between 1 week up to 6 months.


If you have any particular lingerie in mind that is not already part of my beautiful collection or  leather/ latex/ BDSM/ toy items you are welcome to send me a donation to cover the purchase of the item(s) and I will include them in any video or picture to you.


As an alternative way to connect virtually, I also do phone chats at £3 per minute and am available on Alua for instant messaging chat and a monthly photo subscription service.


Prices for custom pictures and videos are tabled below.

Best wishes,


Pip XO

If you are interested, please contact me using the booking form or by my preferred method: email

To try Instant Messaging Chat & Exclusive Photo Subscription Services,

 visit me on Alua.

Are you ready to join in?

Want to treat you and your date and take all your pleasures and senses to the max on your virtual journey?

The best toys and products I have found are at Bijoux Indiscrets. * 

From the body oils and the lip balms, the stimulators and harnesses, I have found them incredible and delicious additions to sensual foreplay, light bondage fun and the full experience, especially with their Slow Sex Collection. 

These are my favourites to bring to an inperson meeting and I delight in recieving BI gifts.

 If you wish to leave the choice to me, suprise me with a BI gift card.

Thank you!

* Please note Duty/Import taxes may be applicable, - please check your locality.

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“Pippa’s naughty chat experience has to be experienced. She is able to leave you with an extremely vivid picture of what she is imagining as you go on an intimate adventure together. At the same time she is clearly very attuned to your fantasies and will deliver in ways you didn’t know text alone could deliver.”

— B

Alua Package

PP International Courtesan.jpg

“Pippa is kind and engaging with great creative writing skills. I subscribed to her profile to have access to her private photos and I look forward to seeing more. It's been great to chat with Pippa and get to know her a little better.”

— M

Alua Package